Monday, August 11, 2008

Circus mania...

Just arrived in my inbox:

Call for Submissions!

We are now inviting submissions for our September Short Fuse. The theme is,

'Nights at the Circus'.

We'd like tales with an Angela Carteresque lavishness, but the theme can be interpreted as you wish, here's something to start you off:

Violet ink and purple prose, the Big Top lifetsyle - a menagerie of colourful characters, trapeze artistry, lion-taming, Freaks, Funambulists and the high wire, Trick Ponies, travelling 'artistes',
or time, cabaret, showgirls, showbusiness...
wit, charm, the grotesque, perhaps even a touch of the absurd.

The event will be on Thursday September 18th, at Komedia's Studio Bar, but the deadline for submissions is on the 8th September.

Please send stories of no more than 3000 words to
Please label the word file attachment with your name and the story title.

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