Monday, August 04, 2008


If anyone had told me just how many woodpiles there were in the Dolomites and how beautiful they were, I would have been there years earlier. But anyway, forgot those old mountains and feast your eyes on these amazingly splendid piles:

They are even the focus of pin-up posters. Can't bear to leave it at home? Take it with you:

And... oh, I do hate this. When the people you're on holiday with start demanding you stop taking pictures of what matters and concentrate on them instead. But I think just behind Rachael, you can spot some very beautiful wood:

What amazed me was that not only were the piles organised round windows, as a second layer of insulation, and in terms of size, but this one even seemed to be colour-coordinated like a painting (the bench is an extra present to you all):

And if you have no space? Don't worry, climb. After all, these are mountain people:


Spot said...

Love your first photo here. I was fascinated by the wood stores too when I first went there. Can almost smell it's resin.

Sarah Salway said...

Thanks - yes, the smell is incredible. I miss it all so much.