Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just to prove ...

I'm not spending all my time here in the graveyard, here's a record of my first ever visit to Walmart.

Rows and rows of everything you never knew you needed.

But here in Grinnell, it was an official Happy Day.

This is a NICE town. It has a great coffee shop too, and the university is endowed by the person who invented the microchip (I'm too lazy right now to look up his name) so it apparently is one of the richest in the country. The students are just coming back now. It's strange how there are whole chunks of America you would never normally get to see because they aren't on any tourist route.


Anonymous Bosch said...

I like the funny signpost hat you are wearing =D=D

gsonge said...

ask Carlos about Wal-Mart and tornado warnings. It's a good time.

Sarah Salway said...

That hat is available at all good Walmarts, Anon. I will be wearing it around Tunbridge Wells every day now and expect a feature on 'fine hats' on Street photography' soon.

I heard about the tornado warning, Greta. I thought we were having one too at the circus, but it turned out just to be the nine o'clock bell or something! Mind you, it was windy. Hope you are OK where you are.