Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Tally!

Thanks to all of you who have sent messages regarding Miss Tallulah. She's seems to be enjoying a new lease of life at the moment, helped by recent birthday celebrations:

She was very gracious as she looked at the chocolate cake enjoyed by all her humans (she had doggy treats and, ok, a few crumbs):

Here's the old girl now. She'll be getting a telegram from the Queen at this rate:

And can I remind you that talking to Tally in a silly voice is not really surprising from a woman whose parents made huge decisions depending on what our dog, Boots, thought. I kid you not - he would be posed the question, and as we all stood round waiting, would bark once for yes, twice for no. Oh yes, Boots's word was law in our house. Explains a lot on reflection!

Here are two writerly dog blogs - The Weirdie Beardie Chronicles and Monty, the dog owned by our own Kathryn Harriss also does prompts. And you thought I was mad.....


Nik's Blog said...

Happy birthday, Tally.


Kathryn said...

Monty has asked me to pass on his congratulations. He says he's very glad to hear that Tally's humans know exactly when her birthday is. Monty just has to put up with vague references to the passing of another seven birthdays at random points throughout the year. This is the price he pays for having a mysterious past.