Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Alive - a 50 word photostory

Lucy has become a different person since her anger management therapy. We used to be able to go to her for everything. She’s terrifying now, but some of us still ask her for stupid things. We like how her rage makes us feel real. As if our life really matters.


Anonymous said...

When I am angry I thump my fist down hard on the bodies of butterflies and bees. I kick small stones not caring where they land. And all my hot words come out spat and sharp as glass. Then I see Emily, shrunk in a corner, and I am sorry.

A Nonny Mouse

Kathryn said...

When Sally was five, life seemed black and white: words on pages, Minstrels and her dad's war films. Of course, that changed and she learned that black and white stuff was morally and philosophically wrong. By fifty-five, though, she'd got stuck in her ways and her colour license was revoked.