Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dummy - a 50 word photostory

She makes Claude at evening class. At work she boasts that she has a new man. A fencer. He can’t come to drinks, she says, because he’s always sharpening his sword or washing his moustache. She laughs at him. It’s much better than when they used to laugh at her.

(This is one of the fifty word stories I write to accompany my photographs. You can read more here, or write a 50 word story of your own and add it in the comments box. But be warned - they are addictive!)


Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

'You took the words right out of my mouth' he'd claimed when she tried to dump him. Like he fancied himself as some kind of ventriloquist. More like a puppeteer, she thought. Oh yes, he'd been the one pulling the strings all along. Sharp scissors would do the trick though.

annell said...

I like your new man....what a wonderful project!