Wednesday, July 07, 2010



It was a bit like Ernest Shackleton's famous expedition advertisement, except with more reward and less danger, but just over a year ago, I put up a tiny post on here asking for people to do the Artists Way with me.

It was my first taste of an internet writing group and to be honest, I wasn't sure how it would work or whether it would work at all. But it did. And I hope that everyone who went on the journey with me found it as inspiring, amazing, extraordinary, surprising and useful as I did - and those adjectives refer to the work and talents within the group as much as the benefits I personally received from doing the exercises.

So now, I'm trying something new again.

I'm working on a new book and workshop idea, and I'm looking for guinea pigs to try out some of the exercises with me. Like The Artists Way it will be 12 weeks long, it will start in September, be internet based, will involve writing but you do not have to be a writer at all at all. We will concentrate on writing and working with your family stories, and hopefully writing new ones.

You can join in wherever you live, whatever age you are, however much talent you think you have or don't have, and whenever in the day you have time to do the exercises, join in the discussions etc.


However there are conditions. As Molly says in my novel Tell Me Everything, "there are always conditions."

My conditions are:

* That you will do your very best to participate in and finish the 12 weeks
* That you come with an open mind to at least try the exercises
* That you do a brief email interview with me afterwards about how it goes
* That you will be prepared to share some of the work that comes up during the 12 weeks - with full approval of which pieces and the context in which they will be used
* That you will think about using your real name for this, although pseudonyms can be given if necessary
* That - apart from the interview and the pieces agreed for possible publication - you will keep the exercises, discussion and other participants in confidence to ensure a safe place for everyone
* That you think, despite the above, this sounds interesting and fun!

So anyone up for it? Either leave a comment or email me on sarahsalway @ gmail . com (but without the spaces!) - all I'm looking for at the moment is an expression of interest, but I will be limiting the group numbers-wise rather than making it a free for all so don't leave it too long.


Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

I'm willing if you want me!

SueG said...

This sounds great. I've passed the info on to someone I think may be interested.

BarbaraS said...

Sarah, I'd be interested. I like committing to things - it makes me work!


Hurrah! And some good emails coming through too. This could actually happen.

Matthew Stublefield said...

I'd be interested :-) I have always found writing exercises to be helpful, and the adage "write what you know" certainly applies to family stories!

Merc said...

I´d love to participate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

One very interested guinea pig here!

Claudia xo



Barbara and Matthew, please could you email me your e-addresses - sarahsalway @ And THANK YOU. Everybody else should have heard from me. If not, shout. x

holen said...

Although I know I'm too late to be part of this fabulous experiment. I would love to be part of the next cohort! You are such an inspiration Sarah!