Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Fact

Surprise, surprise, researchers have found that men talk just as much as women. What does interest me though is this quote:
The most talkative man in the study used 47,000 words while the least used a little more than 500 over a few days.
I am trying to think of what type of person could only use 500 words a day. I just have to write a story about him! Teaching in a university as I do, this admission made me laugh:
The researchers admit that their findings may not apply to all men as they only studied university students.
And the last word, aptly, goes to a relationship therapist, Paula Hill, who advises:
"The problem is not how much people talk or don't talk, the problem is how well people listen.

"If women listened more we might find men talked more than we thought, and if men listened they might find that women actually don't talk a lot of rubbish all the time. Some of what we say is actually valuable."

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Anonymous said...

these are some really funny, but probably true facts. yes, go on and write about a 500-word man. i'm interested to know more.