Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well, I have to admit it did pass me by, but luckily Alex was on hand to remind me that this is the first ever National Shed Week, and the photograph above is the winner of the unique category of the Readers Shed competition. Although to me it looks more like a temple, but this what the organisers said:
"Tony has done what most sheddies would love to do, turn their normal garden shed into a unique building that's not afraid to stand out from the usual shed crowd," says Uncle Wilco, head sheddie of
Oh, I so much want to be a sheddie...(but am taking some consolation in the fact I'm whipping Alex in Scott's Fantasy Tennis Tournament, shed or no shed. Hey, I never said I wasn't competitive.)

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Alex Johnson said...

I wouldn't say 'whipping' exactly. It's just that my players are more flair-based than goal-oriented, like their team coach.

By the way, this shed is in fact the overall winner of Shed of the Year as well as a category winner. If anybody would like a special souvenir issue of The Shed magazine which came out this week to celebrate the first National Shed Week, please do email me and I'll whizz one across to you.