Monday, July 16, 2007

You're a little bit early, love!

Good practice dictates you should arrive at a reading about half an hour before, but here am I, reading and waiting at the Second Life centre more than TWENTY FOUR HOURS before the reading was due to start. I was petrified I wouldn't be able to get my avator to sit nicely (and in that short skirt too)! Anyway, my host, Adele Ward, kindly rescued me and took me off for a virtual jacuzzi, and I managed to calm down a bit. The show was fun, although it was slightly strange, actually extraordinarily strange, not to be able to see the audience's reaction. They seemed to enjoy it, and I quickly learnt to prod my avator every so often because even it fell asleep as I was reading at times! There are going to be weekly readings from other authors which I plan to attend at the same time and same place, The Joysco Stadium, Sunday 10pm (GMT), but in the meantime, thanks to Jonny Austin, everyone who came and most of all, Adele, for the experience! And if you weren't there, and want to catch my reading, it's here. I'm still cringing about the bit I said 'she threw her head over her shoulder' instead of 'hair', but hey, it's Second Life, anything goes!

And I'm wondering now how it will compare to this week's 'real life' reading. Certainly it will take a lot to beat the virtual champagne we shared after the event!


Anonymous said...

What an intriguing experience. I was mesmorised by the way 'you' were swaying slightly, forwards and backwards.

Sarah Salway said...

But did you notice me falling asleep? That was the strangest thing!