Monday, April 03, 2006

A friend of mine sends details of her new book. I haven't read it, but it sounds intriguing. Can't wait.

Abhorred by a selfish mother, but adored by his father, John Brookes grew up with strangled emotions. The young boy finds an outlet for his confusion through harming defenceless animals, but when his prostitute mother and his devoted father divorce, John's elation is fleeting. His mother gives birth to an illegitimate child, and watching his father's heartache tears John apart. Jealous of his half brother, he turns his hatred upon an unsuspecting victim.

However, as life moves on, John finds love and marriage, followed by the birth of his own child. This still isn't enough to pacify his inner demons. They surface once more, tormenting, mocking and sending John on a killing spree that culminates in the most dreadful crime of all.

It goes on sale @ on April 10th priced $5.95.

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