Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just had a lovely day browsing at an antiques fair with a friend, and although I failed completely to buy anything, I got so many ideas for stories... a painting of a wonderful male nude in a life-drawing situation ... the antiques dealer who had fallen asleep on the sofa he was selling ... a live greyhound surrounded by stone greyhound statues ... a mirror on a stand jointed to go round corners ... collars from fighting dogs ... and a wooden hand holding a bible that was a bookshop sign. But a true writer at heart, I'm always amazed how, in the middle of so much visual pleasure, I'm still drawn to words. A great friend of mine has a poster of the sign above in her kitchen, but one of the wartime originals was for sale which I was very tempted by. In fact, there were signs for everything - from confessional booths, schools, shops ... although my favourite was the very firm CHILDREN FORBIDDEN. Now that could really come in useful.
And my writing prompt today is going to be ... graffiti.

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