Friday, June 23, 2006

At a recent lecture on the work of Ted Hughes, Graham Fawcett read Hughes's poem about experiencing a different Paris from Sylvia Plath, and her naive enthusiasm hit home. I think I experience the 'American view' of Paris too ... and my writing prompt for today comes from an old story, but one I love. This is the man who was caught writing the word 'Amour' all round the city after he split up with his girlfriend. Apparently the police caught him, but the public supported him. Only in Paris..


chiefbiscuit said...

Oh that is sooo amazing. Street art rules too - Banksky's site is a good one - Clare mentioned him a while back in her blog. Patience and perserverance are particular favourites of mine too - even if they aren't one-syllable words. Our son has a few little drawings on walls in our city - we've got photos of them - I just might blog on that one day. Thanks for the prompt!

Susannah said...

I love this - perhaps someone read the words just at the moment they needed them... a lovely prompt (and great to see pictures of you at your launch :-)