Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For several years, I would go through the newspapers at the end of the week cutting out articles that caught my eye and made me want to write about them - I can't remember the exact details but they would be things like how many years of our life we spent waiting at red traffic lights, how people in big cities learnt not to interact with strangers, how no one wanted to stand next to beautiful people on a crowded tube train, couples who had met in extra-ordinary ways, animal stories, obituaries, plus a lot about strange deaths for some reason. I've just started doing this again and it's as if I'm filling a deep well with so much stuff I want to write about. The cuttings are bunged in a box but just re-reading them, cutting them out and keeping them feels like I'm feeding a compost heap! So my writing prompt for today comes from this quote in today's Independent (from a column by Miles Kington) and it goes:
Talking to his wife was sometimes like going through a job interview with someone who didn't really want to give him a job.
How delicious is that as a piece of character development?!

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