Saturday, June 24, 2006

So today's been a big day for me - I haven't been so excited since I got my first Girl's Guide badge for entertaining (I made my mum tea for that!). My friend Sue and I passed our canoeing certificate this morning. It's been a fantastic two months, facing all sorts of fears about going out on water, being out of control, etc etc, and today we had to make ourselves capsize into the river. That was the strange part - forcing your body and mind to do something you normally try not to! I went first because I was the most frightened, and although I nearly got stuck in the mud on the bottom and the smell had to be smelt to be believed, we both survived. We celebrated by eating a sandwich at the side of the river and just remembering how it had felt to be part of it. There have been some real highlights - being the first to canoe through about an inch thick fall of blossom, seeing fish jump, finding out a whole other world of houseboats neither of us knew existed in the middle of town, just seeing somewhere you know from another perspective and most of all, travelling so quietly and slowly. Blips - the one time I took fright, just couldn't manage to go on the water and ran away (!), but on the whole it's been a fantastic experience. And now ... have canoe, will travel! My writing prompt for today is going to be ... other ways of travelling.

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Congrats You!