Sunday, January 14, 2007

Find and Repla...argh!

So, work on my new novel is going well. A bit too well actually, so it must be time for my usual attempts at self-sabotage. This time it's confusion over one of my main character's names. Should it be Nell, or Jo? I pick Nell, and things are going fine until I decide it should really be Jo. I merrily click on find and replace, and carry on writing. Then I realise I was being stupid. Of course, she's a Nell. I click find and replace again, order the computer to do its best - find Jo, replace with Nell. Everything's hunkydorey, until I notice the manuscript is dotted with red. What I hadn't twigged was that EVERY jo would now be Nell, and the computer has no way of knowing whether it's a name or not. So now, I have to spend the rest of my morning of precious writing time patiently going through and changing Nellwls, Nelllt, Nellking, Nellhn, Nellin, Nellb, and even BonNellur, back to jowls, jolt, joking, John, join, job, Bonjour. I hadn't realised how many words began with, or contained, the letters jo, but I do now. Oh, how I do!

New library to add to my collection here. I always suspected Etro was one of the most intelligent fashion houses, and now I'm doubly sure. How I'd love to visit this one.

And writing prompt 10-2007: A paragraph containing the following words - Bonjour, John, jowls, joking, job, join, jog.


bb said...

I don't know if this helps after the event, but a way of avoiding this is if you make sure there is a space before the name you want to replace, in the 'find and replace' box.

Sarah said...

Oh it does help lots, as I'm sure I'll be switching backwards and forwards.Strange thing is that I know she's either Nell or Jo, nothing else, but not sure which. Maybe I should make something of that! Thank you, bb!