Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolution 1 - Be organised

To be honest, I'd probably never get round to using this shoe wheel of fortune properly, but it would make getting dressed in the morning so much more fun. And it gives me my second writing prompt of the year.

Writing Prompt 2-2007: Blisters


Patry Francis said...

I wouldn't have enough shoes to put in there, but I like the spirit of organization.

Happy 2007, Sarah!

Beaman said...

Hmm. Mine would look terribly empty. I am male though, so have an excuse.

M.E Ellis said...

Happy New Year!


Brian G Ross said...

Lol! I know a couple of ladies who would love this.


Sarah said...

And Happy 2007 to you all. May all your shoe wheels fall on fortune this year!