Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First impressions

A friend told me a story yesterday which has stuck in my mind as something I can use in writing. She's not religious, but for various reasons, was attending a Church tea party. She kept thinking how the people walking past would see her there, chatting to the vicar, and imagine her as someone completely different from who she really was. I'd love to capture this double - inner/outer - image in words.

And I was rather startled when looking for an image for today's writing prompt to find out how many people obviously drink their tea naked. Now this is something I have never done, so writing prompt 4-2007 is ... A nice cup of tea (dress optional)!


M.E Ellis said...

Naked green tea is yum!

But black/normal UK tea? Milk and two sugars, please!


Sarah said...

Too much information, Shell!!!!! Now, I'll not be able to have my green tea dressed without feeling inadequate. Happy New Year to youx