Saturday, May 10, 2008


One of my many legacies from staying at VCCA is an on-line addiction to the New York Times. I've been following this discussion about Housekeeping with interest, not least because so many people I admire say that Marilynne Robinson is their favourite author. No, they don't actually say that, there seems to be something about Marilynne Robinson that makes people say she is the ONLY author that matters. But I don't get this, which is why I'm really engrossed in this discussion. I have enjoyed both Housekeeping and Gilead, but that doesn't seem anything like enough. To Robinson fans, enjoying is like saying something is 'nice'. No, there is definitely a door to her work that needs to be unlocked for me, and then I can stop feeling I'm missing out.

Meanwhile, there's an interesting profile from 2004 here.

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SueG said...

I'm one of those that loves her and Gilead. But I haven't read Housekeeping. To be honest, I think I loved Gilead because it is so engrossing and so heartrending, even though nothing happens in the book. There's next to no plot, and as someone who has a great deal of trouble figuring out plots, I found this to be encouraging (if you know what I mean).