Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quiet walking

Such a strange, quiet walk around an empty park this morning, listening to Nick Cave's Into My Arms on my ipod. The smells were accentuated because of the rain, and there was no one around. It felt like one of those childhood games when you imagine the rest of the world has been frozen and only you can save it. Luckily we weren't called upon because I was very mellow by the end of our circuit and certainly not up to any strenuous high kicks. Besides, Tally, my dog, is very stately now so we barely go beyond a shuffle. This means I have to be careful what music I pick. Suggestions for slow marching songs are very welcome.

And speaking of which, I promise to put up my giveaway post soon, very soon, because lots has been going on but today I'm going to make a CD of my current favourite songs for the first person to write to me at It'll be eclectic if nothing else.


Tom said...

Sounds like an enjoyable little walk/shuffle. He who writes in our house is partial to Nick Cave too. "Past the ivy-covered window..." Regards to Tally!

Bow wow caio, Tom

Sarah Salway said...

Thanks Tom, Tally woofs back! Nick Cave is great to write to - and to not write to.