Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A month in the country?

Hijacked from another place. It just looks so tempting!:

New opportunity for emerging writers!
Jura Malt Whisky New Writer Retreat

For the first time this year, Scottish Book Trust is offering a new
unpublished author the chance to spend the whole of October on the Isle of
Jura (the island to which George Orwell retreated to find the seclusion he
needed to write 1984) to concentrate on theri writing.

We think this project would be of great interest to Creative Writing MA
students and would be very grateful if you could forward this information to

The Jura Malt Whisky New Writer Retreat, in partnership with The Times, will
give a new writer an exceptional opportunity to develop their writing away
from the hustle and bustle of life. The successful applicant will receive:

* A £2,500 bursary

* Exclusive use of the Jura distillery lodge for October 2008

* The option to bring family and/or friends for all or part of their
stay in the lodge

* Use of a hire car

* Return travel costs within the UK

The project is open to prose and fiction writers who are not the sole author
of a commercially published book, but they must have had a story published
in an established magazine or anthology.

Please submit a story that does not exceed 3000 words, the application form
and no more than 1000 words on why you wish to spend a month on Jura.

Click here
n/the-jura-malt-whisky-writer-retreat/new-writer-retreat-application> for
more information and to download a copy of the application form.

The deadline for applications is 9 June 2008.
The successful applicant will be contacted by the week commencing 28 July.


Tania Hershman said...

I saw this already, it looks heavenly, sadly I am not eligible any more (wheee!). They don't mention anything about endless supplies of single malt....Presumably "exclusive use of the Jura distillery lodge" is a euphamism for "drink as much as ya can, laddie" !

Sarah Salway said...

Hey, congrats for not being eligible!!!! I've been to Jura twice now, I don't think you'd be able to leave without a very enjoyable overload of single malt!