Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Official Boom Bang a Bang Menu

Well, I'm a fiction writer and I could make it up but I wouldn't do that to you. There are too many pickled fishes on the Eurovision menu for my liking, so I am picking and choosing in a dictatorial ruler of the Euroworld fashion... here we are ...

Pimms (UK - go go Andy!)

Olives (Greece)

Gravlax (Finland)

Humus (Israel)

Rye bread (Germany)

Spanish omelette (er...Spain)

Beetroot and herring salad (Sweden)

Rice pilaf with almonds (Armenia)

Jarlsberg cheese (Norway - nil points - sorry but it still makes me laugh every time)

Dark bread with caraway seeds (Russia)

Ice cream (Iceland)

Turkish Delight (Turkey)

Red wine (France)

Vodka (Poland)

We will be watching with our hands over our ears for every country not represented on the Salway menu just to make it fairer. Sorry Georgia, but peace will come... day after day, Azerbaijan, even for wolves of the sea, Latvia, and shady ladies, Ukraine. After all, as I often say, kraljevi ulice & 75 cents.


Tania Hershman said...

Ooh, I love the idea of combining Eurovision with food... enjoy our hummus (hope it's not that fake dyed stuff but the real deal). Fingers crossed for... who? Not sure!

Sarah Salway said...

The hummus (humus? humous?) was delicious, Tania, but sadly not quite enough votes...