Friday, January 08, 2010


OK, the moment you've all been waiting for! The results of the great mixed-up dead celebrity quiz, and first of all the answers...

1. DWERAD YDENNEK - Edward Kennedy

2. RAHHAF TCEWTFA - Farrah Fawcett (yep, there was a mistake and also...)

3. DAE DOG JOY - Jade Goody

4. DKIH JONUPE - John Updike

5. CAKSLAM IHE NOSJ - Michael Jackson (... mistake here too)

6. HARD DEW CINRY - Wendy Richard

7. LIE LONG MUDES - Mollie Sugden

8. FOURT CCM RANK - Frank McCourt

And because I made two mistakes and you are not my family and so have not either learnt to expect this sort of thing as part of the game AND do not have to forgive me unconditionally (or even at all), I have picked three winners. Which is a shame because there were a surprising number of entries and I wanted to give my books to you all.

Instead, heck let's live dangerously, you will just have to buy one...I'll sign it for you though, something like YWLSS AAAARH!!!


Catherine (who is a genius - albeit sleep deprived), Simon and Edward.

Yay to you. I have emailed you re prizes etc.

I like competitions. I think we should do lots in 2010. Any other ideas?


Clare said...

A prize for people who let you play your uke on their podcast.

DJ Kirkby said...

I look at the answers and think "of course, why didn't I get that one". *sigh*

Sarah Salway said...

Clare! Clare! Do you mean it? I would give you your very own concert as a prize. Come on, you have to give in and let me one day. And yep, DJ - Always easier when you have the answers (particularly if the questions were wrong, oops!)