Saturday, January 09, 2010


So I had this idea. Let’s not have chairs during meetings, I said. And that’s how it started. The power rush. Next I got rid of the jolly mugs, and the free tea and coffee. Personal photographs, gossip, non-work email browsing -banned. I’m thinking of locking the toilet next.


Kathryn said...

You can tell a lot about someone from the car they drive. Without name dropping, I'll tell you that mine's a bright red sports car with a stallion rearing up on its badge. And don't judge. See all those brooms in the bucket there? They belong to the local W.I.

Star said...

Sam's heart swelled with pride as he scuffed across the ice. The bristled head cradled the ball just so and his shot control had increased fourfold. His mother wondered at the enthusiasm with which Sam snapped up the new broom. But the front steps stayed swept, so she couldn't complain.