Friday, February 05, 2010


His new business has caught the media’s attention. He’s had features in most newspapers. Paxman keeps chasing him to be on Questiontime. It’s so simple, they say. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of it? He smiles. Credits his ex-boss, the day he was made redundant, all his old dreams destroyed.


Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

Derek's eyesight had deteriorated just like everyone else's. And then a bit more. The optician was puzzled. It came to a point where he only saw his own coherence in a selection of letters he'd strung together. He didn't even notice that the other 'fuzzy' words existed. He entered politics.

Star said...

Don't stand under the icicles, they admonished. Richard couldn't ignore them, so he snuck around the corner when they weren't looking. He crept over fallen branches half-hidden under their burden until he reached the balcony and looked up. There, glinting with sun, the swirls of sky that dazzled him... *CRACK*


Fantastic, both! Love so much seeing how different all the stories are, despite the limitations.