Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Missed Opportunities - A Snap

The times she’s said no outweigh the times she’s said yes, but yes is heavier. She longs to be free, to follow every whim, but she knows the cost now. So she shakes her head, mumbles two letters as she goes. Nononono. She feels grounded. Too solid to fly anywhere.

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pinkgecko said...

Her wings have been clipped by sharp, slicing experience. Her conformist court shoes have lead heels, weighing and dragging her into the sticky asphalt. She watches as the others glide away, leaving her imprisoned in a self inflicted cage. One mistake. One independent thought. Never to be risked again.

Kathryn's Daily Writing Workout said...

It was supposed to have been a strawberry. It should've ignited a fountain of saliva under her tongue to wash the pink flesh down her throat, leaving her picking the seeds out from her teeth. As it happened he asked 'How about it then?' and Susie just said 'Oh, OK'.

Star said...

He was confounded. Anna never said no to anything. He gazed down at the roses in his hand, already beginning to droop. “Why not?” he asked. She stared past him and said in a curiously detached voice, “It's time to say no to things. Else I'll miss everything.”