Friday, September 22, 2006

Whether you've got kids or not, this time of year, going back to school time, seems to bring up mixed emotions, and that's my writing prompt for today.

I was stimulated by this article on Jeanette Winterson's wonderful webpage. I like what she says about reading in particular:

If reading reclaims time, it re-aligns time too. Time for us is always slipping away – we talk about losing time, finding time, making time, and taking time. The well-being we feel when we don’t notice time, because we are happy or engrossed or in love, is the result of those rare moments when time inside us and time outside us are not in conflict. Reading is another way of allowing this to happen, and as it becomes a habit, like all habits it affects the rest of our behaviour too. No question, reading is good for you.

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Anonymous said...

I've been away from your blog for a while Sarah (a strange, hard summer)but these words were precisely the ones for me to read today. I promised myself a reading afternoon - so why am I taking so long to get around to starting it? Is it because I belong to the generation (of women) that recognises the worth of losing oneself in a book and then feels guilty for having spent time doing so? Indeed, why do we say we 'spend' time as though it were a valuable commodity for which we are solely responsible?