Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have become obsessed with Buffy. When she's on TV, even in the oldest repeats, my children know to call me and I will come running, no matter what I'm doing. When Buffy's on, I don't hide my eyes, or shout out 'No, do NOT go in there'. I don't need to. Buffy can do it. She's the girl. I'm with her every step of the way, willing out more and more ghouls to come and get us. Just let them try.

Although I keep begging her, my daughter refuses to watch it with me. She says I enjoy it too much. That I become blood-thirsty when Buffy's on. She's right.

After each episode, I feel exausted. I need to sit down.

'You've been sitting down,' my son points out.

'I want to sit in quiet,' I say. 'Turn this rubbish off.'

He does. No one crosses me for at least half an hour after my Buffy dose. They don't dare.


Steve Redwood said...

Spare a thought for we ghouls!
Found this while googling opisthoporeia (what do you mean, 'what does it mean?' Fickle creature, you loved the word in 2003!)and 'current paged' you to avoid doing anything useful, and bumped slam bang into Buffy, still saving the world, dear sweet girl. Alas,I too am hooked (had to buy a box set of last series a few months ago to find out if she did in fact save the world yet again - that's the prob with living abroad).
If only we could let her loose in the White House in a bad mood....
Now how does this blogger thingie woek?...
Hey, think I managed it!

Sarah said...

Hey Steve - if you've been watching Buffy too, how about we go fight some ghouls together? After all, you've got the blogger thingie to work. What more do we need?

steve redwood said...

Ah, there you are!
Um.. an error - I AM a ghoul myself. We need to sit down and discuss this over some bones...

This blogger thing seems to have something against the undead.