Friday, November 24, 2006

Oh my. Go here for this amazing photograph of an elephant foetus still in the womb. I can't stop clicking back to it, and am counting the days off until the tv series, Animals in the Womb comes to Channel 4. What I find fascinating is how these different animals are already developing the skills they will need in the outside world. The dolphin foetus learns to swim apparently 'in its own private swimming pool' in the mother's womb, and the ever-clever dog,
'is no less remarkable. In just 63 days, the dog foetus is armed with all the basic tools necessary to survive, including a highly acute sense of smell and the ability to detect sounds beyond the human range of hearing.'
I'm a bit worried about this, to be honest, and it's back to the usual bad mother question. When my second child was born, she must have already been subjected to hours and hours of watching that loveable dog, Spot, while, heavily pregnant, I slummed it with my first child on the sofa watching the videos. There's no doubt that, once she was born, she responded every time she heard the song. What I'm trying to work out now is what possible evolutionary use it will be for her. I knew I should have been listening to Shakespeare instead, but oh, I did (OK, still do) LOVE Spot.


M.E Ellis said...

I saw that elephant pic on AOL homepage but have yet to read about it. Gathered it was an elephant cos of the trunk, shit I'm clever, eh?


Hope you and yours are well. Really must play catch up with you on email but you know how it is. No time! Still, doesn't mean I don't think about you (tsk, not in THAT way!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I've been browsing through your blog for a while and now I'm finally posting(!)

Wow, those pictures are amazing. It almost doesn't look real.