Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well, I'd hoped to be a novella at least in this 'Find Your Literary Personality' quiz, but apparently I need to mature a bit before I reach those heights...
You scored as A coloring book. Children love you--and so do many adults. They find you approachable, simple and friendly, all of which perfectly describe you. Instead of throwing big words around, you communicate in the international language of pictures. In order to be as open as possible, you present yourself simply, allowing those around you to customize you to their liking. Sometimes this results in you turning into a primitive masterpiece, and other times you resemble a schizophrenic's daydream. So long as the one talking to you understands you, you're happy. Zen and the art of crayon-sharpening.

A coloring book




A classic novel


A college textbook


The back of a froot loops box


A paperback romance novel


An electronics user's manual


Your Literary Personality
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Anonymous said...

Um. I scored as a classic novel. I'm still not sure about that!

Sarah said...

Don't be worried - it just proves you're as classy as I always thought you were, and I'm mad with jealousy!!!