Monday, November 13, 2006

Phew! I have been saved from the need to buy the Goddess Guide for the time being by this very funny article in the Guardian by Lucy Mangan on a week living to the rules of modern etiquette books (which comes via the Book Bar). Or have I? Re-reading the article, I see no mention of living like a Goddess. And besides, The GG comes with a recommendation from India Knight who we all have a strange passion for in my family. I can't even say it's interestingly unreciprocated, because she has absolutely no idea we exist, whereas we try to read every word she's written. Is that stalking? Is there a guide to that?

At least, the cookery Goddess, Cream Puffs in Venice, has sussed out how to get the right advice - she asks herself what she should do in tricky situations. (And if that's what being a Goddess means, I'm definitely getting that guide). On her blog, CPinV writes:
"Is it wrong to eat an entire raised almond coffee cake all on your own?


Phew! I was worried there for a second.

Oh, but look... I've stolen her raised almond coffee cake to eat on this blog too; it's just that it looked too delicious for her not to share. Can you blame me?


Melony said...

Hey Sarah, love your blog. Have The Goddess Guide myself and not a single hint of etiquete in sight. It's so beautifully illustrated and the information is all very authentic (at least to me anyway). Her writing at the beginning of each chapter is very different and honest and it seems as if it took a very long time to perfect each page. See what you think...

Anonymous said...


I hope you enjoyed the coffee cake!