Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The only slightly obsessional Alex at Shedworking has started a fascinating series of Great Fictional Sheds. So far, he's put up the shepherd's hut in Far From the Madding Crowd and Yoda's hut from Star Wars, but now, just when I was really enjoying myself, he's gone on holiday, presumably with a great stack of books to search through in the hope of finding a shed or two. Alex has put in this paragraph from Hardy which made me laugh, as I could just imagine Hardy putting in as an aside: 'and that's why women should never be allowed a shed of their own. They just don't understand why us men need to be alone sometimes...' (The 'she' of course is Bathsheba):
"It was not exactly the fault of the hut," she observed in a tone which showed her to be that novelty among women -- one who finished a thought before beginning the sentence which was to convey it. "You should, I think, have considered, and not have been so foolish as to leave the slides closed."
Mind you, if Alex finds other photographs of the young Alan Bates to accompany future postings, I shall leave him in complete peace in his shed.


Alex said...

If you haven't packed an hour before you leave for the airport, does that mean you are in trouble?

All great fictional shed nominations gratefully received.

Sarah said...

Er, yes, I should think you are in serious trouble, and no shed will shield you... Have a good time!