Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Three Wednesday Things

Some favourite fashiony sites today - these are ones that make me smile because clothes should, above all, make you smile, and sometimes I think I forget that.

1. Starting with the anti-fashion The Brown Dress blog - Alex Martin decided to wear the same dress EVERY DAY for a year. This is the diary. (Her recycling project is equally fascinating - I'm tempted to join her 'slow fashion movement'.

2. A Dress a Day is almost the opposite, in that it is a different dress every day. But these are dresses with a difference - I have to say this blog has become an obsession for me, and my sewing machine is slowly inching out from the pile of dust it's forgotten under.

3) And now for something completely different, The Budget Fashionista is all about shopping. But who can resist a headline like: 'Can you wear a cocktail ring?'....

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