Thursday, August 16, 2007

Signing off

Probably it's not a surprise that I really love letters - the shape, the sexiness, the joy of them, what they can do, of course, but just letters on their own really - so I'm really excited to find out about The Boneyard - a three acre site in Vegas for decommissioned neon signs.

And you can see an aerial shot of it here (although the marker looks as if its in the middle of the road).

More photographs here. (Link, as in all good links, from BB)

(ps talking about photographs, I'm not sure why I've suddenly gone such a funny shape in my own mugshot. Any advice would be welcome!)


Yellow Cake said...

So, ya like letters, Sarah? I'm a relatively proficient calligrapher. And ya outta see me do it in Russian. Aleksander Pushkin would weep. Chestnoe slovo, Princessa. Ya govarit pravda.

Yer "mug shot" looks fantastic. The camera loves ya.

Sarah said...

Thanks, yellow cake.