Tuesday, March 10, 2009

short story/poetry magazines and calls for submissions

I've been having a fine old time working out a list of print and online literary magazines that take poetry and short stories. No point in keeping it all to myself so if anyone wants me to email them a copy, do get in touch - probably best to email me with your email address rather than putting it in comments. It's just names, but you can google for submission requirements etc, and of course to take out subscriptions. There's something so strange about sending work out but not supporting the places that might publish you. In fact, let's all subscribe to a literary magazine today... !!!


Nik's Blog said...

Me please (I'll email you). And I subscribed to One Story a couple of days ago - does that count?


Jeannette said...

I would really appreciate a copy too, please. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Salway said...

Hey Jeannette, with pleasure. Send me your email - sarahsalway at gmail.com