Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Zadie Smith's Sense and Sensibility books

There's an academic bookshop called BookCulture in New York I really want to visit. In real life that is. I visit it often enough virtually.

Their recent blogpost was the list of books Zadie Smith has on her reading list for a course she's teaching at Columbia University. The course is called Sense and Sensibility. Any list that includes both Crash AND The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie seems pretty interesting to me.


angelictenderbutton said...

thanks for this post. I just adore Zadie's Smith words. I love her books - I would do anything to take this seminar course with her. Zadie & I are practically twins (she is only two weeks older than me) so I have an affinity for her in that capacity as well - sister scorps :)
lucky dogs, whoever is enrolled!

Sarah Salway said...

Yep, I thought the booklist was really interesting. Almost twins, eh? It's her pug I'm really jealous about. Please don't tell me you have one too otherwise I might have to cry.

Book Culture said...

Thanks for posting...we added the rest of the list, 5 more titles, in the comments section of the post:


Hope you can visit us on your next trip to NYC! Thanks - Book Culture

jem said...

Thanks for the link - a few on there that are new to me and look interesting.

I think it must be great to be taught by a known writer. I'm sure some of my tutors when I was at Uni were 'known' and published philosophers - but I'd never heard of them! and it doesn't compare to the glamour of a 'proper' author!