Monday, May 04, 2009

A Door of Her Own - 50 word story

When Dotty insisted on her own entrance, he didn’t hesitate. He smiles still as he hears her door click, the tip-tap of her heels down the path every time she thinks he’s asleep. He knows what comes next. A knock on his door. Her night-time visit.


Kathryn said...

At first, she was surprised to see that his en suite had two sinks. By then, it was too late and her shame spiralled down the plughole with the lather of lust. But she needn't have worried, really. One day, she caught him at the other sink wearing her underwear.

Douglas Bruton said...

Remember that film, Hedda said. With The Beatles. Where they all entered through different front doors but inside was just the one house. That’s all I want. My own front door.
But then there were extra walls added. And soon, rooms divided. And Hedda kept a greater distance between us.

leonie said...

hehe, i love this

...i found you via susannah (ink on my fingers) and i'm very glad to be here

Jennifer White said...

This story makes me think of 1989.. my dad was hospitalized fighting cancer.. when my mom would come up to visit, he could always recognize her walk by the way her heels clicked on the floor... I never quite believed it at the time, but he always knew it was her... what a lovely memory you just gave me... thank you!