Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spoilt - 50 word story

They don’t laugh when he comes in looking for ferret jackets. Not even when he insists on Harris Tweed to match his. Lined with silk so that they slip easily into his pocket. And pink ribbon for the lady ferret.

No, they’ve seen everything. They’re much more likely to cry.


Douglas Bruton said...

Devereaux turns her bed down. Just the corner. Like an invitation to retire. Like in the hotels. A chocolate on the pillow and a dry towel folded into a neat triangle.
‘You spoil me,’ she says.
Maybe he does – but it’s all a sleight-of-hand distraction to hide Devereaux’s small infidelities.

Sarah Salway said...

Oh, that's hard. Amazing to get so much in 50 words!

Megan Warren said...

He lavished her with gifts, chocolate and flowers, even jewellery and lingerie. She opened each gift with the excitement of a child at Christmas. 'I am so spoilt' she squealed with delight. He turned away, smiling, knowing that the end was near.

Sarah Salway said...

Cor, Megan, I'm loving how our spoilt people get what's coming to them.