Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the driving seat - a 50 word story

Used to her car’s satnav, Jody had a special one implanted above her heart. It was essential for blind dates. ‘Turn around when possible,’ the mechanical voice would mostly chant. But then one night she didn’t have to hear the words, ‘Stop now', to know. She had reached her destination.

And this one is for Cally with special thanks for her CD, Drive Sarah Drive, which I LOVE! Here's the first track from it... enjoy!!


Kathryn said...

On the screen was a smaller square but you'd need to squint to see it. On the smaller square you'd see by squinting, was another smaller square. And another. Behind the frame of each was a man. Old square eyes they called him. Always watching the screen. Old square eyes.

Douglas Bruton said...

‘Turn around when possible.’ That’s what he heard. A space of silence and then again, ‘Turn around when possible.’ A calm voice that could be in Guthrie’s own head. He opened his eyes. A jagged line across the glass. The broken wall on top of his bonnet. His legs trapped.

Calistro said...

Ooooh thank you so much. I love my story. So glad you liked the CD :)