Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me ....

... and lots of lovely presents, including the news that The Girlfriends Cyber Circuit has voted me into its membership, so I get to have some of my favourite US writers appearing as guests on this blog. Watch this space! Also a copy of Woman's World, which has to be one of the maddest books I've seen. Graham Rawle (creator also of the Lost Consonants Series from which the picture above comes) collected words and phrases from 1960's women's magazines, which he then cut and pasted to make the narrative. The most bizarre thing of all is that, from what I've managed to read so far, there really is a story there, and the slightly clipped and frenetic tone of the 1960's is still coming through. It doesn't read the same without the mixed typeface, but here's a random paragraph:
Mary prefers to be the one to answer the door to callers, but she must have stepped out into the back garden for a moment, so I decided to deal with it myself. With a graceful flourish, I opened the door to reveal a postman who stood on the threshold with a dominant nose on his face, and dare I say it, Postman's knock on his mind.
"Barmy but brilliant" is the blurb from Raymond Briggs and he's not wrong. Oh definitely a happy birthday for me!

And my writing prompt for today, because I'm starting these all over again, is:
My Tenth Birthday.


Kate Long said...

Happy birthday, Sarah!

I've just started reading Woman's World, and I'm loving it. V creepy.

Susannah said...

Happy Birthday to you! :-)

M.E Ellis said...

Happy Birthday, luvvie!


Patry Francis said...

Happy birthday! And congratulations on becoming part of the Girlfriend's Cybercircuit. What a wonderful group of writers!

Sarah said...

Thank you all - strange day for a birthday now but it was a good one!