Thursday, September 06, 2007


That's me. Just popped over to Sophie's blog because she's always interesting, got side-tracked on this quiz and am now going to work out how I can get a life because this is - apparently - me in book (er play, surely,but hey, let's not be too dull about it) form:

You're Waiting for Godot!

by Samuel Beckett

Many people think you're extremely dull, but you're just trying to
patient. Really patient. Patient to the point of absurdity, quite frankly. Whatever
you're waiting for isn't going to just come along, so you can stop waiting. I promise.
Move on with your life. Change of scenery might do you good. Heck, any scenery might
do you good. In the meantime, you do make for very interesting conversation.

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Alex said...

I'm Roots by Alex Haley. I'm a little surprised by that. I was hoping to be Right Ho Jeeves or Lake Woebegone Days or maybe A Dance To The Music Of Time. Are you allowed to take it again?

Clare said...

I'm Anne of Green Gables. I've got the 'emotional fortitude of cottage cheese'

Alex said...

I did it 10 more times and finally managed to turn myself into The Great Gatsby via The Fellowship of the Ring and To Kill A Mockingbird (plus a couple of books I've never heard of).

Sarah said...

Alex, you are indeed The Great Gatsby ... lots happening in the shed today, is there?
And I'm so jealous, Clare - how much did you cry at Anne of Green Gables? Hope your own book is coming along well.