Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why I love being with women...

Actually before you get me wrong, I really really love being with men too, but my time last week in France with six fantastic women was just perfect. It felt like living in one of those character development exercises. You know, the ones where you ask your characters off-the-wall questions in order to bring them to life. Forget the whole parent, childhood, school, work scenarios, we went straight to the heart of the matter and really got to know each other by debating endlessly these questions:

1) Do you dry between your toes or not?
2) Is it important to wear matching underwear?
3) Should you eat one of those little squares of chocolate posh hotels put on your pillow if you have already cleaned your teeth?

And for the record, my answers are:
1) No
2) Yes - the one time I don't is the time I get run over by that bus
3) Just one square?


Scott Pack said...

1) Nope.

2) Blokes don't have to match anything to anything on the underwear front.

3) Doesn't matter if it goes down without touching the sides.

Alex said...

1. Naturally. Otherwise you will get a fungal infection and that's not nice.
2. Of course I match. There are certain standards to keep up.
3. Only if it's Fairtrade in a biodegradable sleeve

womagwriter said...

1. No, but I should...
2. I don't always, but I feel kind of special when I do...
3. Of course, and nick the one on your partner's pillow before he notices, then call room service for more.

nJoyLife said...

1) Nope
2)Yes, I do try..
3)Yes, and then try to have my partner's choclate.

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