Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas sweets!

Despite pathetic attempts by Clare last night to persuade us that chocolate in the shape of new potatoes isn't really chocolate, she's redeemed herself totally this morning by mentioning this fabulous website where I have just spent a happy half hour ordering all my family's old favourite sweets (see above) for Christmas.

A Quarter Of really does have every sweet you can remember. Just looking through the pictures is a feast in itself. Mind you, there was a worrying moment when I saw some Cadbury's Creme Eggs on sale.

Surely not, I thought. EVERYONE knows a Creme Egg is just for Easter, but luckily they are out of stock. Phew. Back to the sherbert dabs and flying saucers...


Clare said...

They were pralines, dammit, not chocolate. And if you'd seen them you'd have thought they were new potatoes. That's why I had to eat the lot -- just to make sure they were, and to avoid any unfortunate kitchen incidents.

Clare said...

...And I'm now happily engaged in sampling my way through the box I ordered for work:

Soor plooms
Raspberries and blackberries
Colour changing popping candy
Lemon crystals
Apple crumble fudge
Treacle bangers
Twin cherries
Stockleys fruit rock
Strawberry sherbert
Cherry cola bottles

Alex said...

A wise comment about the creme eggs. The same should go for hot cross buns, available all year round but only really to be eaten on the proper day.

Sarah said...

OK, Clare, if you really say so.... we do believe you, really we do...
Yes, Alex. And Christmas pudding. Christmas cake though needs to be eaten every day.

Steve Stack said...

A Quarter Of get a few pages in my book - I hope you noticed.

Sarah said...

I did notice, Steve - and when two of my favourite bloggers mention something, I know I have to join in too. It was hard, I tell you, choosing which sweets to pick, but needs must and I've bookmarked the site for further research.