Monday, December 10, 2007

Blame it on The L Word

Maybe we should have watched The Miracle on 34th Street or listened to Christmas carols as we decorated our tree last night. Instead, we had an L Word feast, and as Mama B and Mama T discussed their theories of attachment parenting, I started to wonder why we were so attached to the loo-roll fairy that was about to make her umpteenth appearance on our tree, despite having lost everything that made her anything but ... um ... a loo roll. Did I really want to hang loo rolls on my tree?

So I put my foot down, sent everyone back to the sofa, and declared the tree a tasteful zone (my taste):

laden with carefully chosen, interesting objects:

and a certain colour co ordination:

And just as I stood back waiting for the praise, I found myself in the middle of a revolution. Apparently we like loo rolls in the Salway household, and not only have I spoilt the tree, I've spoilt Christmas. For Ever.

Sadly although I did get a secret thrill from my brief dictatorship, I have to agree. So I'll have a couple of days of (my) taste, before giving in and letting our much-loved clashing Christmas friends out of the black bin-bag they're currently twitching in. No Grinch me. As if I had a choice. Because, look, a few favourites have already crept out and chanced their arm in the current pink and silver winter wonderland of the Salway sitting room:

It seems, despite our TV viewing, we are not as grown up as we think. Or at least not at Christmas.


Caroline said...

This year I decided to let the children decorate the tree and then I found myself twitching in a corner declaring;

'Do you have to put so many on one branch?'


'Spread them out. Spread them out.'





I love Christmas :)

Mum'sTheWord said...

I think I am getting more tacky as I age...hence buying two singing/dancing Christmassy mice last year. But I have had to bite my dictator's tongue while my daughter has been doing her homemade cards for nursery friends. "Um, is a picture of a spider very Christmassy?' I said. "It's a Christmas spider," she replied.

Sarah said...

Hah, Caroline. Did you ever see that French and Saunders sketch where the mummies wouldn't let the kids do the paintings in case they spoilt it? I had to watch that one through my fingers! And hurrah to tackiness and Christmas spiders, mum'stheword - and a double hurrah to Christmas mice - what exactly do they sing?!

Mum'sTheWord said...

One sings "Let It Snow" and the other "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". They are nauseatingly squeaky but somehow make me feel a bit weepy for childhood Christmases.

Sarah said...

A mouse singing 'Let it snow' sounds like bliss indeed!