Friday, December 07, 2007

A National Post-it Shortage...

And you can blame it all on Will Self. Here's a photograph of his writing room. Just look at them:

And you can see the whole room, from every angle, here. Sadly, I have worked my way through all 70 shots.

But I am working too. Just finishing a piece I started at my Creative Non-Fiction workshop yesterday. One of the perks of teaching is that you get to do the exercises you'd like to work on yourself, and it was a great group. Really good writers, lots of fun, and - more importantly - some excellent writing produced. The only sad thing is that no one seemed enthusiastic about taking up the challenge to spend a week eating dog food, like one essay example I'd found, but I have hope...otherwise I might just have to do it myself.

The second edition of excellent Short Review is up now, with my review of Lorrie Moore's Self Help, plus lots of other collections worth looking at.


Jen said...

Look how he's got his books all lined up in front of it - I bet every single one of those post-its says 'I love Will' in his own handwriting.

Or maybe I'm just being jealous.

Workshop was terrific yesterday, thank you so much.

Sarah said...

But I wonder what's in his fridge? Sorry to tease you yesterday - I couldn't resist it. Glad you enjoyed it, me too. Hope to see you - and your writing again - some time soon. I liked your old man, and especially his unfortunate hair!

Muhamad Lodhi said...

I don't care how seemingly organised it all looks, it would drive me nuts. :-)

bob said...

I picked up self-help the other day, based on your post from a few days ago.

It's so good it hurts my feelings — inspiring and daunting all at the same time.

Sarah said...

Yes, it would drive me nuts too. Although there does look like some order there.
Glad you like Self-help, Bob - one of my favourites.