Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That nice Mister Gaiman...

...has given me a quote for my writing. I've raved about him before - often - so I think it's a given how much this means to me. Nothing to do with promotion, or sales (hmmm...heaven knows, book sales aren't my strong point!), but more when writers and readers you respect say good things about your writing, then it's all the motivation you need to pull your game up a notch so as not to let them down. And that's always a good thing. Christmas has come a week early!

Here's the quote. And now I can't wait for my next book to come out so I can see this emblazoned on the front. Meanwhile, I'm such a saddo I've put it up above my desk so I can keep reading it!

Sarah Salway is an astonishingly smart writer. Her fiction is always beautifully structured, touching and clever -- she manages the trick of making people that you care about in stories you admire. I can't wait to see what she does next.
Neil Gaiman


Nik's Blog said...

Fantastic, Sarah. He's right, you know.


Debi said...

This doesn't make you a saddo.

Even if it is easier to say than that it makes you justifiablyproudtoreceive positiveaffirmationfromarespectedsource whichisalwayswelcome-mo!

Caroline said...

Oh my god!!!!!
You are not at all, not even slightly a saddo.
Have you considered having it as a tattoo? :)

That is so so so fabulous for reasons I will not declare here, for fear that he may read your blog!


Sarah said...

Aw thanks Nik, Debi and Caroline. I''m really chuffed it - keep smiling and remembering why! Yep, I definitely think a tattoo is a good idea, although I like Debi's version too because it has Salway hidden in there. I could do a word search!!!

Debi said...

Hey! I hadn't realised that!

Does that mean I can't go all smug and say I intended it all along?