Monday, December 17, 2007

Colin Farrell in my hotel room!

Ah me.

Although, OK, I will admit it, not at the same time as me. Luckily it was only when we were checking out last night that we were told we'd stayed in a famous hotel room, used for the forthcoming film In Bruges with Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes, otherwise I might never have left it, not even to explore the chocolate shops. Reflecting all that glory takes time, you know.

And lucky too, that we only got to see the trailer when we got home - not just because our room is the one Colin Farrell's complaining about, but also because I have a nasty suspicion that when I watch the whole film, Ralph Fiennes is going to get murdered nastily in there. It was only a short drop down to the canal after all as I kept pointing out until I frightened myself too much to even go near the window. I'm one of those fun companions, you know. If there's nothing to worry about, I can make it up all by myself.

Still, particularly nice and unfrightening to come back to this. Tell Me Everything is Number Nine on Scott Pack's books of the year. I've never knowingly been on anyone's Top Ten before so I'm made up. I would have another Belgian chocolate to celebrate, except I've eaten them all, so I'll give Scott some good label companions instead.

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