Thursday, December 20, 2007

Three things to read...

Here's an early Christmas present for you - the wonderful Smokelong short fiction journal has a list of on-line literary links that is second to none. I've been spending far too much time clicking through them, but here are three pieces I've bookmarked already ...

a) Exquisite Corpse's oracular review of 100 new books. Still trying to work out why I find this so satisfying but there has to be a short story in this format surely. It reminds me of the Neil Gaiman's magnificent oracular journal which is emphatically not a toy. Oh no.

b) Moro by Kathy Fish from Night Train. This story kicked far above its length for me, and I know I'll keep coming back to find out just how she got so much impact in so few words.

c) And if there was a drumroll, it would come now because this is my favourite. It's such a weird idea - the thoughts of famous people just at their moments of ecstasy - Robert Olen Butler's Couplings. It's an extract from a whole book of such imaginings he is writing, including, apparently, the interior monologues of a chicken and a rooster. Although on reflection I don't think they're a famous chicken or rooster so perhaps it's just the interior thoughts of just anyone. Including maybe... you. Now, there's a thought I didn't want to have. Hmmm.

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