Thursday, February 12, 2009

And you thought I had been joking?

'Sarah Party'

A half hour radio feature on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 13th February at 11am, (and for seven days on listen again at ). Co-produced by Sara Jane Hall and Sarah Bowen, presented by Sara Parker and mixed by Sarah Hockley.

What is it like to be a Sarah, one of the most common names in the last 50 years? Sarah Pletts hosts a 'Sarah Party' in the UK, to help make Sarahs feel incredibly special - princesses, if only for a day. What will they have in common when they meet? Who will provide the entertainment? Most importantly, how will they celebrate their Sarahness?

(ps Go to this site for pictures. Can you spot me above amongst all the Sarah's? I'm the one at the front in white trousers, in between Sarah and Sarah, oh and in front of Sarah too, and that's Sarah to the right, Sarah to the left ... And yes, I am wearing a tiara. Of course.)


Nik's Blog said...

Ooh I do love these ideas. And this has reminded me that it's been too long without a Princess reference.


Sarah Salway said...

Hah, Nik, you're right. We need more flouncing on this blog.

SueG said...

"And you thought I had been joking?"
Oh no -- I never doubted you for a minute :-)