Sunday, February 22, 2009


Back in November I started twittering.

Sort of.

In fact, I just joined up to Twitter and didn't do anything else. It's a bit like how my writing goes some days. I say I'm going to be writing, but really I just hope that the words will spill out on the page without me having to do anything about it. Not even raise a pen. Hmmm... But then I kept getting emails saying people were following me on Twitter. Some of them I knew, some I didn't.

But I still didn't write anything, mainly because of a fear of this ...

HOWEVER... yesterday I met my very cool nephew, Nick, in Oxford Street completely by accident. So we went to have a drink and he showed me how his iphone worked. (I looked around the pub at that point and there were - I promise I kid you not - two other men explaining how their phones worked. What is THAT all about?) Anyway, he took a photo of both of us and within a nano-second it was up on facebook...

I'm still wondering why this impressed me so much, but it did. I even checked up when I got home, and yep, it was there. See I exist. I was existing yesterday afternoon. And what's more other people can see I exist. Anyway, Nick also said that he had been following me on twitter and, er, how could he put it, but I wasn't all that interesting.

Not all that interesting. A challenge, a challenge. I love a challenge.

So I put up my first post today. About how I am going to Seedy Sunday at Arundel this afternoon. And I should think my next twitter will be about the seeds I swopped there.

Hah, let the twittering commence and we'll see who is interesting or not. All those silent twitterers in my old camp can think they are mysterious, but they will have nothing on me once I get going. I might start talking about how I'm knitting a scarf for George Szirtes next, and the trouble I'm having deciding on a colour scheme. Maybe plans for the next Sarah Party. Or benches I've seen.

So come and follow me, do - - but be warned, I'll start following you too...


Douglas Bruton said...

I am a guy that needs another guy to explain to him the workings of his mobile phone!! I have an old housebrick of a nokia... and most guys now don't recognise what it is.

As for twittering... I do that sometimes in my head... but don't know if I have the time to do it through a tiny keypad (albeit the keys on my brick are a damn sight more user friendly than on the wafer-thin fit-in-your-shirt pocket things the rest of the guys have). Christ, I have just about got the hang of this blogging lark... don't do that nearly enough... certainly not enough for your nephew to find me interesting!! Where's the time - what with all the lurking I do (you got arrested for that when I was younger!!) and the scribbling on everyone's pages (teachers gave you the belt for that when I was younger!!) and the real business of writing.

So, for now, with my Nokia a noticeable bulge in my jacket pocket and switched to silent, I shall listen to the twittering of the birds... and as to that other electronic birdsong, I shall wait and see what it becomes.




(PS Just had to rewrite all of this... something went wrong in the posting of it and I hadn't saved it... there you go... not even as proficient as I thought I was... what chance would I have twittering... without the guys in your pub to tell me how?)

jem said...

I just got started on Twitter a few weeks ago. I looked you up then, but you weren't interesting enough, so I didn't add you. I will add you now, but beware, if you bore me I'll strike you off again :)